Mortals would loose temper...

Fed up with the paperwork?

Getting unwanted lessons in patience when processing those presence sheets, post-its, notes, word-of-mouth requests from your students?

Does all the administration overhead disturb your primary tasks?

Sensei wondering what to do...

Just would like to teach?

Do you feel like you had enough of being an accountant, a clerk or even a personal secretary sometimes, while you just would like to teach and practice?

Would like to get rid of those annoying tasks that distract you from your true mission?

KENJADO™ hits the targets

Digital Dojo Administration

KENJADO™ aims to solve martial arts dojo administration challenges with the help of technology.

Imagine all that boring paperwork gone while gathering accurate, up-to date intel about your dojos at any time, anywhere...



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Indie Development

Why we need your support.

The KENJADO™ Digital Dojo Administration system is an "indie" (independent) development effort.

We are not backed by some multi-million dollar corporation or profit-oriented investor: our development team is self-financing all the prototyping and development costs. Yet we offer the hosted plans at an affordable price.

Should you prefer KENJADO™ to stay a system from budokas to budokas, please support the development.

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Indie Development

Thank You!
We appreciate your support!

You might have heard already, "software is never ready": there is always room for improvement, from bugfixes to implementing new features on the roadmap.

We are grateful for all kind of support that allows us the continued development of the KENJADO™ system.